Saturday, June 7, 2008


"Sex and the City" is breaking all attendance records in the movie theaters, but I wouldn't watch this dreck if you set my head on fire. Why pay ten bucks to watch shallow material girls drinking Cosmos and wearing expensive shoes -- when you can watch them on TV for free? Or in countless bars across the city, where your sawbuck also entitles you to a drink?

I admit, I'm not in the target demographic for this one, not by a long shot. Maybe there's something clever and unpredictable about these mannequins I've missed, something buried deep beneath the surface, but I doubt it. Like the poet said, sometimes under the surface there's just more surface.

Here is a funny parody from the folks at TV Land -- a cool website that allows you to play old clips and shows from the golden days of television. Check out TV Land HERE. Explore this cool site!

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