Friday, January 16, 2009


WASHINGTON — President George W. Bush gave his farewell address to the nation Thursday night, defending his record and showing few regrets. Bush gave a rosy view of his "successes" in Iraq and Afghanistan, and explained how he made tough choices that were good for the economy.

Bush leaves office with the worst presidential approval rate since unindicted co-conspirator Richard M. Nixon. His supporters have dwindled to the ranks of the extremely dumb. Most have jumped ship. Can you blame them?

David Letterman has been collecting "Great Moments in Presidential Speeches." Watch this recent clip regarding Jews and Italians. I say this with all due respect: what an asshole.

Here is a compilation of past "Great Moments." Watch and laugh!

Say goodnight, George.


Anonymous said...

Good riddance!

Bob Rini said...

We'll be celebrating Tuesday. Obama will have his hands full--it's hard to believe how Bush has screwed things up on all fronts--but he's definitely the right man for the right job.