Tuesday, April 14, 2009


When Susan Boyle, a middle-aged volunteer church worker from Blackburn, Scotland, stepped to the stage on "Britain's Got Talent" she seemed destined for the kind of public humiliation we've grown accustomed to seeing in television singing contests. Snarky Simon Cowell was a judge, for godsakes. The frumpy little lady didn't have a chance. She said she'd "never been kissed," there was blood in the water. People tittered and hooted when she told the judges her ambition was to be a professional singer.

Susan Boyle wiped the smirks right off their fat faces when she sang. Nobody knew where that voice came from, but it stunned the audience, the judges, and the 11.4 million who watched her on TV that night. Now she's some kind of star, an unlikely one. Today we celebrate the triumph of the underdog. Nice job, Susan.

The judges pause to consider the smug A-holes they've become...


Anonymous said...

Excellent! It brought tears to my eyes.

Bob Rini said...

I agree...it was very moving. She did a great job and her talent disarmed the showbiz critics. Nice!