Thursday, July 9, 2009


Brian Kilmeade is an ignorant assclown. Kilmeade, the host of Fox and Friends, laments the loss of racial purity in the American people because people aren't marrying their own ethnic group. Is he running for some Nazi journalism award? Clearly, Kilmeade hasn't read a book on race or ethnicity since the turn of the last century when ethnic stereotypes and racial quotas had the thinnest veneer of academic approval. Of course, that view was swept aside by modern science, but apparently nobody told Kilmeade.

Don't confuse him with the facts. He's got his job at Fox. What happened?

The conversation concerned recent scientific data that suggests people in long term marriages tend to experience less Alzheimer's Disease then those in short term marriages. An interesting notion that could provoke an intelligent repsonse. Not from Kilmeade. Never at a loss for ignorance, he leaps into nostalgia for the pure (master?) race.

"We keep marrying other species and other ethnics," he says. "The problem is the Swedes have pure genes. They marry other Swedes, that's the rule. Finns marry other Finns; they have a pure society. In America we marry everybody. We will marry Italians and Irish."

Reminds me of the latest Nixon tapes to be released, wherein the ex-president says abortion is generally wrong, but it's okay if it concerns a mixed race couple.

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