Thursday, September 3, 2009


The Vivian Girls. Bumbershoot, at 6PM Sunday on the Broadstreet Stage

Vivian Girls meet The Real Housewives

Okay, music fans. It's Labor Day Weekend, otherwise known as Bumbershoot, a time when myriad bands from all over the world (as well as comics and artists and dancers and filmmakers) converge on Seattle to shimmy in the shade of the Space Needle. How do you pick? We're going to see the Vivian Girls. You've heard them on the radio (and maybe on my mixtapes) and you love them, too.

"Where Do You Run To" by the Vivian Girls

The Vivian Girls--named after oddball artist Henry Darger's girl warriors--are Brooklyn garage girls that play dreamy pop, write great songs that hearken back to the Girl Groups of the early sixties as well as punk rock of the seventies, with a little Olympia, Washington thrown in for good measure. They're playing this weekend at Bumbershoot, at 6PM Sunday on the Broadstreet Stage. Don't miss them.

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