Sunday, January 3, 2010


Here are a couple great music clips for my mom, who turns eighty today and is still going strong. Mom turned us on to good music as a child. Not only did we get rock-a-bye baby, but we heard blues and folk and jazz and learned at an early age that there was great music beyond the mainstream. Great music issued from our stereo "console" beneath the Modigliani prints, at a time Mom and Dad ran a little bookstore where we learned to love books.

Mom and Dad--San Francisco in the Fifties

Back in the day, Mom saw Billie Holiday perform in San Francisco, and Billie has remained a personal favorite. Joan Baez, too, from the days of non-commercial folk music. Here Baez performs a Phil Ochs song I heard on that old console so many years ago.

Happy birthday, mom!

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