Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We love cheesy local commercials where the owner of the store gets involved. This hilarious ad for Lenny's Clam Bar stars the owner with his pal, Frank Sinatra Jr, hawking the scungilli. (This was filmed in 1978, so Frank Sr was still alive, but he must have passed on the project.) So if you like seafood--spicy, seafood Italian style, and who doesn't?--go to Lenny's and tell him Frankie sent you and get a free glass of wine.

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Bob Rini said...

I keep going back to this one...sorry, but this was a real find. Lenny's Clam Bar. Umberto's is where they shot Joey Gallo, but Lenny's is where you won't shoot your budget! Still working on the new advertisement. How about "Scungillicious!" Nope, back to the drawing board.