Thursday, July 10, 2008


Banksy is a street artist. Banksy is a gallery artist. Banksy is a vandal and undesirable who scoffs at the law. Banksy is an astute social critic who uses grafitti writing and stencils to make his statements. Banksy is absolutely brilliant. Banksy sucks.

Banksy is a British street artist, and that's about all we know. Banksy is policeman's nightmare, and a wall-text addict's wet dream. Banksy believes art should be out of the galleries and into the streets. Banksy believes art should be off the streets and into the galleries. No one knows the true identity of Banksy. Everyone knows who Banksy is. The films above were taken from Banksy's website. The films show Banksy's knack for sneaking art into artless places.

Grafitti can be art. Grafitti doesn't have to be stupid. Go Banksy.

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