Sunday, July 6, 2008


In case you missed the KOMO news broadcast on TV about the Friends of the Nib mural on Broadway, click on this link:

The TV broadcast:

The mural was vandalized further since the initial story here.

Public art has been debated since the time of the Greeks. The debate is alive and well in Seattle, with these latest acts of vandalism. Can the public handle "art" that is not under lock and key? Should all art be locked in museums and galleries, under the watchful eyes of gallery attendants and security guards?

With the mural in shreds, we're left with an ugly, boarded-up, abandoned building. Thieves have robbed us of a chance -- a chance, not a guarantee -- of seeing something beautiful...or at least original, or challenging, or creative.

We're left with a gray strip of blight on the sad end of Broadway.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the USA. A nice country to be from, not in. I don't miss this kind of ignorant, malicious behavior at all or the social mania that seems to feed and promote it.

You're right Bob. It's a damn shame.