Tuesday, October 14, 2008


El Kabong rides again! I'm waiting for the debate (Will Obama nail it? Will McNasty unveil a new dirty trick?) but I decided to bite my tongue and post this colorful Mexican cartoon instead. Don't read too much into it. Sure, there is a sub-text of good vs. evil and that might resonate with the debate, but only unconsciously, because basically this is just a simple folk tale, what Joseph Campbell called the underlying mono-myth of the hero's journey, and El Kabong is the hero.

You may disagree, and I respect that, but El is the hero and I make no bones about it. Bandits hold the town, they've ransacked the banks, they've kidnapped the girl, and it's high noon, so don't let his strange sounding name put you off, or his mask. El Kabong offers hope and a change we can believe in. I know some of you remain skeptical and can't decide between El and the dastardly Bad Guy, and that's your right, but what do you need? Have you been paying attention to the damn cartoon?!?


--MC said...

I'm a closet fan of El Kabong. Don't tell anybody I like that character. Shh.
Though in the 80s we used to crack each other up by yelling "EL DEBARGE!" That's an 80s joke.

Bob Rini said...

MC, I'm glad you enjoyed the El Kabong post, and I won't blow your cover. If you want to stay in the closet regarding El, that's your prerogative, but rest assured there are plenty of people just like you in all walks of life.

As for liking El DeBarge, you should be ashamed of yourself!