Monday, October 6, 2008


First off, don't believe Sarah Palin. Five Myths about John McCain is a video by Tim Dickinson, contributing editor of Rolling Stone Magazine, extracted from his cover article, Make-Believe Maverick. This is a must-read essay in which Dickinson categorically debunks the "maverick" image McCain and his minions are trying to convey.

Dickinson's article, Make-Believe Maverick, is available here.

After McCain and Palin exaggerated Obama's connections with 60's radical Bill Ayers and claimed he was "palling around with terrorists," Obama hit back with information about McCain and the Keating Five scandal. If McCain wants to wrestle with the past, two can play this game. Actually, it's a different game entirely, because the Keating Five scandal has direct relevance to our current financial crisis.

This morning, the Obama camp directed people to a brand new web site,, about McCain's involvement in the financial scandal. The website presents information and this 13-minute documentary called "Keating Economics: John McCain and the Making of a Financial Crisis.''

You can watch it here:


Anonymous said...

Good stuff--they should nail that bastard with all this!

Bob Rini said...

The Rolling Stone article is the most damning piece of journalism against McCain's presidential bid I've seen yet, and should be read by everyone considering voting for the man. He's an angry, vindictive, self-serving hack who has lost what little credibility he once enjoyed. Send this to any "undecided" voters who aren't afraid to do a little critical thinking.