Friday, August 21, 2009


Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away there were some tough, cool chicks who ruled the rock roost. This was before folkies like Joni Mitchell and Judy Collins took the baton. These old school singers had it all. In this clip from "Shindig!," the Shangri-Las sing "Give Him A Great Big Kiss," Aretha Franklin sings "Shoop Shoop Song," Leslie Gore sings "Judy's Turn To Cry" and Ketty Lester sings "Love Letters." Dig the hair and outfits and tell me that's not cool.

The Queen Beehives were always The Ronettes. Here they sing "Be My Baby," an all time great tune you may remember from Martin Scorsese's film "Mean Streets." Very cool wall of sound production with a big beat. With all due respect, this blows away Judy Collins. This song was written by Ellie Greenwich, who died this week.

Amy Winehouse, what's got into you? There's something old school about Amy, and it's not just the Ronettes' hairstyle. She's a tough girl and probably tougher on herself than anyone. She gets into trouble. Still, she's got the chops-- if she can only stay away from the bad boys and the Tanqueray.

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