Monday, August 24, 2009


This is an informative little viddy about booze and cocktails, a fun watch if you can stand a little product placement every so often. Most people--including many bartenders--cannot mix a decent martini. It's so simple, but they figure anything in a martini glass is a martini. There are countless variations served up to eager sorority girls that are really more like daiquiris. You know, the "Martinis" made with peach schnapps, with apple-infused vodka, with chocolate and cutesy touches. (I had an Ovaltini once. Don't ask.) But here is a recipe for the classic. Now that everyone is watching "Mad Men," a detestable adult soap opera made with more style than content, chock full of old school smoking and drinking, an interest in old school cocktails may improve the ratio of decent drinks in bars. Lounge lizards everywhere will raise their glasses and cheer.

Of course, I don't recommend drinking. In spite of its socially sanctioned and culturally cool cachet, alcohol is a depressant and a dangerous drug that ruins plenty of lives, as we all know, and contributes to more deaths than all the wars combined from alcohol-related organ damage to car wrecks--but it's legal and delicious and it relaxes you. It's a social lubricant and makes you seem clever--to yourself, anyway. And until they decriminalize cannabis and end pot prohibition, it will be the drug of choice for most people too law-abiding to enter the deep dark dens of the underworld to score "reefer." Certainly, the stigma is less than it used to be regarding grass, but you still haven't seen handsome, hard-edged Alpha male Don Draper firing up a jay on Mad Men, have you? It's not cool like that. So until then, I'll have a dry Bombay martini with two olives, please. Like humor, the dryer the better. Make mine very dry.

Don Draper on the smokey, drinky "Mad Men"

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