Monday, October 26, 2009


Oh my God, it's nearly Halloween. At the most, we'll see six or eight trick or treaters at our door. This justifies buying a five kilo sack of assorted candy at Costco two weeks in advance. Hopefully, we'll have a couple pieces left to give the kids, but they'd better hurry up and ring our bell or I'm making no promises.

Halloween is the kick-off of the holiday season--or what we should call the eating season. We eat all year, but for the next three months we'll be eating like Bangladeshis at Grandma's Table. We'll deal with the weight later. After New Years. That's resolution time. Our friends hold an annual pie party New Year's Day. It's a brilliant idea. Everyone brings pies and puts them on the table and someone rings a bell. It's like a 1970s swingers party only you wear stretch pants and you don't swap wives you swap pies, but with any luck you might go home with a wedge of coconut cream or that saucy little key lime you've had your eye on all night.

Anyway, food and guilt, food and guilt. Get over it. Unless you're some gym rat or really no fun at all, you'll probably gain a few pounds this season. Big whoop. We'll deal with the weight later. New Years.

John Pinette is a riot. He deals with the weight. And he doesn't do ups.

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