Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Check out Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell's new campaign commercial. In the ad, McConnell uses every "Eye-talian" stereotype he can dig up to scare these good, God-fearin' White Anglo Saxon Protestants! To look at the ad, you'd think that stereotype New York "dagos" are going to come down to Ol' Virginny and steal their handguns! Jesus, first they took away the slaves...and now the guns?

What an assclown. Bob McDonnell is exactly what you would expect, a so-called "family values" Republibumpkin who violently opposes women's choice and supports the right wing agenda. Here's some information about what he believes in--besides ethnic stereotypes:

  • Bob McDonnell opposed equal pay resolution for women in the legislature. [Washington Post, 9-17-09; HJ 800, 2001]
  • He repeatedly voted to limit access to birth control. [Washington Post, 9-24-09; HB 1233, 1997; HB563, 2002; HB 1741, 2003]
  • He sponsored 35 bills to restrict a woman's right to choose. And he opposes a woman's right to choose even in cases of rape and incest. [Washington Post, 08/17/09; 1999 National Political Awareness Test]

McDonnell's masters thesis for an evangelical college leaked. In it, he said working women and feminists were detrimental to the family, that he opposed a Supreme Court ruling legalizing contraceptives for unmarried couples, and "cohabitators, homosexuals or fornicators" should not be guaranteed equal rights.

As an Italian American, I find it insulting that this Republican mouth-breather resorts to ethnic slurs in his campaign--but that doesn't surprise me. He's an ignorant rube. What surprises me is that this type of fear-mongering might work! At least Ol' Bob thinks it might, anyway. Can Virginia be an entire state of ignorant rubes?

Sure, I can take the simplifications of the mainstream mindset. Most of the time, we Italian Americans are portrayed as happy-go-lucky Lotharios in a world of checkered tablecloth kitsch, singing opera at the Olive Garden--or we're whacking mafiosi in the mean streets of New York, or Jersey, as portrayed by the Sopranos. (The Sopranos was actually a great show--which happened to be made by Italians--but I wonder what was communicated to the masses other than soap opera, shoot--em-ups, and prosciutto.) It's the 21st Century, for godsakes. Grow up, America. White bread is boring.

What does it take to teach these dumb Anglos? A horse's head?

Check out Republican assclown Bob McDonnell's website here. Write him a letter. Or better yet, give a donation to his opponent, Creigh Deeds, whose website is here.

Props to the Slog for bringing this to my attention.

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