Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This is some crazy stuff...if this doesn't put you in the holiday spirit you're hopeless.

Maybe you heard Bob Dylan has a Christmas album. I'll give you a moment to make a joke. Okay, ready? It shouldn't be a surprise, really. Dylan's last few albums have reflected an abiding love of American music going back to the Civil War, and he's obviously a student of that great tradition of folk, blues, and oldtime music. Hell, he helped make a few traditions of his own. Anyway, the new album digs back to classic holiday music, and it's a fundraiser for the United Nations World Food Program.

A Christmas album? Don't be a Santa Hater.

Anyway, never one to fall into a rut, Dylan is constantly reinventing himself. The man behind "Blonde on Blonde" and "Blood on the Tracks" never sounded more sentimental and sincere. I love this clip, in which Dylan wears a wig that balances on his head like a mattress balances on a bottle of wine. It looks like a great party from the days before everyone got so damn serious. Give it a listen. It's good music for a good cause, and it looks like more fun than anyone's had since he toured England with the Hawks. Enjoy!!!

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