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Joe Sacco - Footnotes in Gaza, Jan. 12, 2010 from pdxjustice Media Productions

Joe Sacco draws cartoons. The Maltese-American is an award-winning comic journalist who first caught our attention with his amazing graphic novels Palestine (1996) and Safe Area GoraĹžde (2000). Sacco talks to people. He listens. He explores these battle-scarred war zones, armed only with his cartooning skills, and recreates his travels on the page, allowing people to tell their own stories. The results are striking studies of lives lived beyond the mainstream newscasts and sound bites, real flesh and blood human beings who struggle to survive in a world far beyond the pat answers of politicians and pundits. Sacco brings them to life on the page with pen and ink.

Joe Sacco's latest book, Footnotes in Gaza (2009), investigates an incident that took place in 1956 when more than 100 Palestinians died in a seemingly routine search for fighters in Rafah. As usual, it's an extraordinary work. In this hour long video, courtesy of pdxjustice, Sacco discusses the work.

Here's a good interview with Sacco in Mother Jones.

Joe Sacco was born in Malta, moved with his family to Los Angeles, and then finally Beaverton, Oregon at the age of twelve. He he got his first taste of cartooning at Sunset High School, where he graduated in 1978. He earned a BA in journalism at the University of Oregon. He currently lives in Portland.

pdxjustice is an independent, not-for-profit producer of video and audio programming for community radio, public access television and free internet streaming. Based in Portland, pdxjustice is dedicated to community education and discussion of social justice issues, and engaged political action. pdxjustice was founded in February 2004 by William Seaman, who remains the chief volunteer producer.

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