Sunday, February 7, 2010


It's Super Bowl Sunday, a holy day of obligation for sports fans. Two teams--the Colts, the champs of the American Football Conference, and the Saints, the champs of the National Football Conference--will fight it out for four quarters for world domination. Or something like that.

Yesiree, Bob. Super Bowl XLIV is here, but more important than the clash of teams--and those overly expensive commercials in between plays--is the halftime entertainment. This year they've brought some real champions. As you make another sandwich, or wash down Wendy's famous Buffalo wings with more beers, a truly magnificent rock group, one of the very best of all time, will take the stage. The Who. While the teams are off the playing field, off-screen, back in the locker room getting iced, shot up with steroids, playing with toy boats in the jacuzzi, and engaging in all that good old fashioned, all-American homoerotic towel-snapping, the mighty Who will hit the Thunderdome. Even as old geezers, these lads can blow anybody away. They know about staying power. These teams have been playing for how long? Payton Manning wasn't even born till 1976! The Who have been chewing up fans since 1964! I can't wait to see the looks on the faces of those uber-fans with their rainbow wigs and team blankets and comfy couch cushions.

Have fun with the game and let's hope it's a good one, and not some lop-sided contest. Even so, pay attention to half-time. Don't get lost in your snacks.

Let's face it, football is okay but ain't rock and roll.


Coach Payton and the Saints go marching in. Somebody pour Gatorade on this guy.

Okay, it was a good game after all, and the underdog Saints came from behind to win 31-17. Beer flowed, guacamole was gulped, and Wendy's famous flaming chicken wings sizzled. The Who were great, and here's the halftime show:

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