Monday, March 22, 2010


In spite of unanimous Republican opposition (and opposition from the lunatic fringe) the House passed an historic health care bill last night. We're a step closer to health care as a right and not a luxury. Expect the tea party mob to rave and weep about socialism and taxes--their standard emotional response--and expect more veiled threats tinged with racism and red-baiting (and maybe more gun-waving) but progressive people can celebrate. This is an historic moment.

You will undoubtedly hear misinformed bellyaching--ideology masquerading as fiscal responsibility--from family members or co-workers. Of course they want health care for themselves, and wouldn't want to turn away a sick child because she lacks insurance or money, but by golly this is going to cost a lot. They may have been quiet when Bush started a $2 trillion war or trashed the economy, since he was a good God-fearing Republican, but God forbid a child gets surgery without paying or an old lady gets a free pair of teeth--that's socialism, isn't it?

Tea Party Nuts--sorry, you lose.

Paul Waldman wrote an article in The American Prospect, entitled "The 10 Dumbest Arguments Against Health-Care Reform" that comments on the arguments circulating among conservatives.

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