Tuesday, March 23, 2010


When you say James Brown, most people think of hard funk, a killer horn section, and the beat on the ONE, but Soul Brother Number One could also sing the hell out of a ballad. Here JB serves up a double shot of soul with "Prisoner of Love" from the Ed Sullivan Show.

If you need a reason for this clip, we're marking the DVD release (finally! this week!) of the famous T.A.M.I. Show from 1964. After years of worn-out video tapes and bootleg copies, the legendary concert finally gets the treatment it deserves. The show features an unforgettable set by James Brown, along with tunes from the Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, The Supremes and others. Needless to say, James steals the show. If you weren't one of the lucky kids who went to the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on October 28 and 29, 1964, now is your chance to see one of the great moments in Rock 'n' Soul history.

Here's "Out of Sight" from James Brown on the T.A.M.I. show:

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