Sunday, March 6, 2011


"Sunday, February 13, 2011, ICNA Relief (a Muslim American relief organization) held a dinner event in Yorba Linda, CA, to raise money for women's shelters, and to help relieve homelessness and hunger in the U.S."

The local Tea Party crowd showed up to protest. As usual, these self-proclaimed patriots were on the wrong side of the issue. Seething with hatred and xenophobia, they shouted "USA, USA!" apparently referring to a country considerably smaller than the actual nation, a land populated only by Tea Party members. The Tea Bag fear of foreigners (fueled by crazy pundits like Glenn Beck) is emotional and heartfelt but ignorant of history, not to mention any awareness that the Tea Bagger's own ancestors were immigrants. But don't confuse them with history. To them, history is a liberal plot.

Listen to this Orange County hatefest for a couple minutes, and realize--with a sudden shocking chill--where fascism comes from. Do you think Nazis are uniquely German? Of course not. The next Hitler might show up with a deep-dish apple pie and a baseball cap and a large, misspelled sign warning us about the outsiders, the scapegoats, the Arabs and Mexicans, the blacks and Jews, the un-Americans. Wrapped in Old Glory, the intolerant Tea Party bigots are resurrecting that dusty old devil with every venomous insult they hurl.

To contribute to the women's shelter campaign to help relieve homelessness, please clink on this link to Cair California. Or find a similar group in your area. "Doing good" may be unfashionable, but don't be intimidated by Tea Party shocktroops from doing what is right.

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Let's give the final word to Chris Matthews. We're generally not big Chris Matthews fans but we must give credit where credit is due. In this clip, Matthews responds to the xenophobia of right-wing Tea Bag nuts. Maybe Chris was visited by three spirits in the night like Scrooge, but for whatever reason he takes on the idiocracy.

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