Thursday, March 10, 2011


Protesters return to the Wisconsin capitol after Republican Governor Scott Walker rammed through his union-busting bill.

After all that talk from Wisconsin Republicans that this WASN'T a union-busting bill at all, just a budget-balancing bill, they turned right around and removed the budget aspects of the bill and left the union-busting section (i.e., the anti-collective bargaining section) and PASSED it in the middle of the night, belying their previous claims. The reasoning? A budget bill requires a quorum (meaning 3/5s of its members present for fiscal statutes) and this way they could pass the bill without any other participation. Scott Walker and his buddies "win," though they may have broken public meeting laws--and certainly they showed they’ve been lying for weeks. It was a tricky play in secret, but these Midwest Machiavellians believe the end justifies the means and the end is busting unions. They've made that clear. This may prove illegal--and certainly immoral, when you figure how many families will be hit for the worse--but sleepy-eyed Walker and his corporate handlers will be drinking champagne tonight. Shame on them.

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