Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Ann Coulter is a vicious political monster right out of Grendel, a crypto-fascist Republican wet dream with fake hair and a fake tan stretched tightly over a death's head skull, a shrill attention-whore who spews odious political views into New York Times bestsellers, a reptile who reeks of brimstone and howls directly into the dark hearts of the violently enraged shock troops of the Tea Party lunatic fringe. She speaks gibberish, of course, lies and half-truths and quarter-truths, but that's okay if it incites the mob. Her mob, that is. Ironically, she speaks out against mobs here in a strange rewrite of history, but it's her version of made-up history that she uses to slop her hogs, all for political advantage and book sales. Here, she says the students killed at Kent State deserved what they got.

You think I'm kidding? Here are some of my "favorite" Ann Coulter quotes.

"Liberals hate America, they hate flag-wavers, they hate abortion opponents, they hate all religions except Islam, post 9/11. Even Islamic terrorists don't hate America like liberals do. They don't have the energy. If they had that much energy, they'd have indoor plumbing by now."

"These broads are millionaires, lionized on TV and in articles about them, reveling in their status as celebrities and stalked by griefparrazies. I have never seen people enjoying their husband's deaths so much." -on the 9/11 widows who were critical of the Bush administration

"I don't really like to think of it as a murder. It was terminating Tiller in the 203rd trimester. ... I am personally opposed to shooting abortionists, but I don't want to impose my moral values on others." --on the murder of Kansas abortion doctor George Tiller, FOX News interview, June 22, 2009

"You will find liberals always rooting for savages against civilization." –Ann Coulter
"They didn't root for the Nazis against civilization." –Bill O'Reilly
"Oh yes they did. ... It was only when Hitler invaded their precious Soviet Union that at the last minute they came in and suddenly started saying oh no, now you have to fight Hitler." –Ann Coulter, "The O'Reilly Factor," May 7, 2010

I wouldn't kill an abortionist myself, but I wouldn't want to impose my moral values on others. No one is for shooting abortionists. But how will criminalizing men making difficult, often tragic, decisions be an effective means of achieving the goal of reducing the shootings of abortionists? (3 June 2009)

Coulter: Every presidential assassination or attempted presidential assassination was committed by some sort of left-wing loon, communist, anarchist, communitarians, yes they were or they had no politics at all.
Joy Behar: The homegrown terrorists are also another group we have to worry about here.
Coulter: Okay but they're all liberals. (Joy Behar Show, 22 October 2009)

Listen to what Ann Coulter said about mobs and the Kent State killings:

--Quotes from WikiQuotes, GoodReads, and "Outrageous and Provocative Ann Coulter Quotes," collected by Daniel Kurtzman

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