Thursday, August 28, 2008


Rumors are circulating that John McCain has found the perfect running mate. We knew that. We expect an announcement soon. You can't hide a love so strong.

Some say he is trying to steal the thunder from the historic nomination of Barack Obama and his selection of Joe Biden. Some say he is a damaged and angry man who sold his soul for power. Some say he did it all for George, the love of his life, and George tossed him aside like a used Kleenex.

Not counting George W. Bush, possible McCain running mates being discussed have included Mitt Romney, Condoleeza Rice, and Republicrat Joe Lieberman, who will be speaking at the Republican National Convention to be held next week on the seventh level of Hell.

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Bob Rini said...

Guess I missed the boat on this one. Who could predict that McCain would cynically choose a photogenic, political non-entity such as Palin to siphon off the disgruntled Hillary voters? It's an obvious ploy.

It may look new to some, but this is the same old calculated chicanery of old school politics that reeks of desperation. The trouble is, it just might work in the dumb states.