Tuesday, August 19, 2008


My hardcore punk rock pals will think I'm going soft, but it's a gray day and it looks like rain and these are rainy day songs. Coincidentally, they're both from 1971. Maybe I was prone to melancholia back then--adolescence can be a bitch--or maybe there was something in the tea I was drinking--but either way, they moved me back then and I think they still sound pretty good. How about you? You're a little older now and maybe a little colder, but if you're not reaching for a glass of whiskey or a kleenex by the end of these two ballads you're a cold-hearted bastard and there's no hope for you, so sod off.


Anonymous said...

Nice tunes.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Bob, what are you, my friggin twin? The music you post is so right on to what I like that its almost scary. Leon Russell never got the recognition he deserved and what else can be said about Elton John.

I'm gonna try to post more good old music than I have been, but I can't keep up with you. You just keep it up.