Monday, August 25, 2008


Stanley Kubrick (1928-99) director, screenwriter, and producer, created some of the most memorable imagery in film history.

A chilly genius, Kubrick created a series of expressionistic masterpieces that covered everything from the dawn of man to man's future in space, and nearly everything in between. He made films about the Great War, the Cold War, and the Vietnam War, films set in a haunted lodge, a space ship, a seedy racetrack, and the prison cell of condemned soldiers. These movies provide a record of our time.

Here are some shorts about the director.

"The Art of Stanley Kubrick," a documentary of the director.

"The Making of the Shining" is a short film made by Stanley's daughter, Vivian Kubrick, who was seventeen at the time. Some great behind the scenes shots. Vivian Kubrick provides the commentary.

The Charlie Rose Show focusing on Kubrick, featuring director Martin Scorsese.

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