Tuesday, September 9, 2008


"No End in Sight" is an excellent documentary about the Iraq War. If you haven't seen it, by all means watch it. Here is the film in its entirety.

This is no cheerleading propaganda film for the war effort, so if you support the Bush war in Iraq without question, or want to continue on the same course with McCain and Palin at the helm, this film may challenge your opinions.

"Although Bush and the war continue to sink in the polls, I know from some readers that they still support both. That is their right. And if they are so sure they are right, let more young men and women die or be maimed. I doubt if they will be willing to see this film, which further documents an administration playing its private war games."
--Roger Ebert, from his review of "No End in Sight"

Send this link to any undecided voters you may know. Send it to your congressperson, your senator, and any other politician not beholden to the military-industrial complex. The makers of this film are keeping the film available for free streaming until the presidential election.

No End in Sight. The website is HERE.

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