Friday, September 19, 2008


Good job, Alaska! Over a thousand Alaskans protested Sarah Palin in Anchorage, making us believe that not everyone in that far northern state is a dumb religious fundamentalist who thinks one women is interchangeable with the next. Sure, there are plenty of American Taliban types dragging their knuckles and slouching toward the voting booth, but it's nice to know not everyone in the Great White North is fooled by the faux-folksy Palin manipulation.

Read a report HERE.

Meanwhile, Alaska lawmakers voted Friday to subpoena Gov. Sarah Palin's husband, and several aides and phone records in their investigation into Palin's firing of her public safety commissioner, setting up what one senator called a "branch-versus-branch smackdown." Her husband is refusing to testify.

The McCain campaign is resorting to desperate measures to block the legislative inquiry, even though it predates Palin's veep selection. Predictibly, McCain says the charges are "politically motivated." Must be the damn liberals, I guess, and they must have access to a time machine.

How dumb are we?

Meanwhile, Jimi Hendrix plays live in a Stockholm television studio in 1967. I admit this has nothing to do with Sarah Palin, but it helps to get that horrible Republican aftertaste out of my mouth. Besides, it's my blog and I can be non-linear if I want to! Play on, Jimi!

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Boo! Palin

Hooray! Jimi

Nice work, 9er