Thursday, March 26, 2009


David Lynch is a strange cat. Some worship him as a macabre genius while others hiss as he passes. Lynch's best work, offbeat mysteries like Blue Velvet, Eraserhead, Mullholland Drive, and the TV series Twin Peaks, are waking nightmares. They couldn't get any stranger. Well, they couldn't...until now.

First, here's an interview with Lynch from Film Threat in which he talks about inspiration, sex and death. The current issue of Stop Smiling also includes an interview with Lynch--as well as chats with Robert Crumb and Roberto BolaƱo. Lynch is obviously busy with film but he just started a website dedicated to "consciousness-based education and world peace." The kick-off party included two surviving Beatles. He also films a daily blog at his old website. (Links below)

Anyway...Could Lynch get any stranger? What if you crossed him with Michael Jackson? You'd have to agree, anything is stranger with Jacko. That's like infinity plus one. Now I'm not a huge fan of "mash-ups." Most of these remixes are tedious exercises and barely listenable as music, but the music geeks over at "Mashed in Plastic" have come up with an album's worth of interesting graftings based on the Lynch oeuvre. Like Dr. Frankenstein, they've sewn parts together to make a monstrous unholy beast.

Listen to "I'll Be There in Twin Peaks" and visit the spooky crossroads where Angelo Badalamenti meets the boy/man from Neverland. Have a nice day.

Visit David Lynch's new meditation website here. The old David Lynch website is here.


Anonymous said...

What about "Inland Empire?" That was totally Lynchian and disturbingly brilliant. Hard t watch in spots. Love the mix and didn't think I would. Thx

Bob Rini said...

Thanks for the comments. I think Lynch is better at starting movies than finishing them. He is better at mood than plots. He is truly weird and always interesting.

Bob Rini said...

Well, not always....