Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Spring is here, and travel is in the air. In spite of a troubled economy people are planning vacations. Last Saturday night, we drank beer with some friends. In our small group, one was leaving for Paris the next morning, another to London, and two were flying to the East Coast. We're planning a trip to Italy.

Travel is exciting and eye-opening, and the anticipation is half the fun. Everyone was in a great mood, comparing notes. One friend at the pub was Harriet Baskas, a travel writer who regularly reports on airports around the world. She was leaving for London early the next morning. You can read her weekly column on (The Well-Mannered Traveler), her monthly column on (At The Airport), and her daily blog, Stuck at the Airport.

I sent Harriet this travel warning about the Franz Kafka Airport. She joked that she was so jet-lagged she didn't realize it was a spoof at first. Let's hope it's a spoof!

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