Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This is a great little cartoon based on the legendary no-hitter Dock Ellis pitched in a major league baseball game while tripping on LSD. I can't resist posting this wild animation. It has a very cool retro look, very 1970s, with kind of a Superfly, blaxploitation vibe. Can ya dig it?

Warning. I should probably include a note about not condoning the use of illegal drugs and so forth, and I should probably warn kids not to imitate the bad behavior of their sports heroes, and I should probably remind impressionable young athletes that dropping a tab of acid before the big game won't necessarily improve their performance. You know all that, but it's better to be safe. So stay in school, kids, brush between meals, and wear white when you ride your bike at night. Especially this time of year, when Santa is watching.

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