Thursday, December 10, 2009


"Christmas in the Heart" is "ragged, cagey, wry and inscrutable" according to John Pareles in the New York Times. He goes on to call the new Bob Dylan holiday album a head-scratcher, too. Maybe it is, but I like it. The old man sounds like Howlin' Wolf, and this take on "Drummer Boy" isn't a put on, a freakshow, or a cynical joke. He sounds sincere to me. Sure, his voice is scratchy as a woolen mitten, and nothing that would ooze from the silver throats of Andy Williams or Perry Como, but it sounds cool. The animation by Jeff Scher, painter and filmmaker, reminds me of old home movies and puts me in the holiday spirit. Try something new. Give this a listen.

Drummer boy, Civil War

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Bob Rini said...

This is so catchy. Probably my favorite Christmas song this year.