Tuesday, May 31, 2011


It's hard to beat the Beatles in concert. The sound systems were primitive, the girls were screaming, the lads could barely hear themselves play, but the thrill of their live show couldn't be matched. This was definitely not a Vic Damone concert. Sound systems would improve over the years and the lads would soon retreat to the studios to create artistic masterpieces, but this catches them at a transitional period in 1966, Revolver-era Beatles, a time of rocking riffs and soaring harmonies.

This show was recorded July 1st, 1966, in Tokyo, on their last tour before they dove into the studio for good. Nobody had heard such a joyous sound.

Here's the setlist:
Rock & Roll Music 1:13
She's a Woman 2:45
If I Needed Someone 5:59
Day Tripper 8:55
Baby's in Black 11:58
I Feel Fine 14:33
Yesterday 17:05
I Wanna Be Your Man 19:30
Nowhere Man 21:59
Paperback Writer 24:23
I'm Down 27:04
End of concert 29:10
Credits 29:45

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