Sunday, May 15, 2011


There was always a radio playing somewhere and sometimes it was just background wallpaper noise and sometimes it was the soundtrack of your life, the song of that summer vacation, that love affair, that road trip, that special moment. From big old spooky consoles to tiny transistors, you've listened to the hit parade over the years and maybe you've sung along. Here Elvis Costello and Bruce Springsteen play a radio medley--Radio Silence, Radio Nowhere, and Radio, Radio--testifying to the wonders of the wireless with the power of tent revival preachers. Too bad Guglielmo Marconi wasn't here to see this.

A tune from the quieter side of life-- with special meaning for those who write and those who love--a sweet version of "Everyday I Write the Book," with Elvis Costello and Ron Sexsmith, joined by Jesse Winchester, Neko Case, and Sheryl Crow.

Finally, Elvis sings a classic from The Wizard of Oz with the amazing guitar player Bill Frisell. Tasty licks.

All these clips are from Elvis Costello's show "Spectacle," in which he interviews and jams with musicians in a relaxed and intimate setting. The first season is currently streaming on Instantview Netflix, so don't miss it if you like good music.

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