Thursday, May 5, 2011


Comida Tipica

It's Cinco de Mayo, which means next to nothing to most Mexicans even though it's a drinking holiday in plenty of gringo-style Maragarita mills. It doesn't matter to you, either, since you shot a man in Juarez and rode all night and now it's morning as you tie up your horse and come out of the sun. Inside it's dark and cool. The tables are giant spools and there are limes and knives on each one. The ceiling fan has a narcotic effect. You have tequila and a shot of sangrita. On the table is a bowl of peppers and onions and carrots. You eat Calabacitas Guisadas and wash them down with cold cerveza. Memories swirl around you like smoke. Seems like you've been down this way before. No matter. They'll be along in a while. You might have to overturn these tables and disconnect these cables, but for now you'll have another drink.

"Senor," performed by Willie Nelson & Calexico

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