Tuesday, July 19, 2011


For years now one of my favorite eateries in PDX has been Pok Pok. The food is great every time, and every time the place is jammed with a long line out the door. Now I'm worried it will be even more crowded since annoying food hound Guy Fieri spilled the beans on national TV. Sure, the sticky sweet Southeast Asian street food will always be sublime, and the wings...ah, the wings...will always be worth waiting for, but now I'm afraid Pok Pok will be overrun by arrogant blowhards from LA with bad hairdos. Let's hope not. Then again, maybe it's time to let go. The cognoscenti have already moved on to trendier digs, and the wealthy foodies who once slummed for street food have grazed their way to more toney holes-in-the-wall, but my heart will always pang for Pok Pok's skewers of whole baby octopus and coconut-milk marinated pork loin, for their Tamarind Whiskey Soda cocktails, for Ike's brilliant hot and sweet Vietnamese wings marinated in caramelized Phu Quou fish sauce. The stuff of dreams. Sadly, we may have lost the place forever to raspy-voiced Californians in ironic bowling shirts, but we'll always have the memories.

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