Monday, July 18, 2011


He asked for it.

Marlon Baker, a black man in his mid-forties, was just trying to get a drink at JD's Resort in Bayview, Idaho, when he was approached by this self-described "skinhead," Darren Christopher Abbey, 28, who told him blacks weren't welcome in the bar. Baker left the bar to avoid a fight.

Abbey followed him outside, hurling racial slurs at Baker, who continued walking. Abbey, according to the Spokesman-Review, "has several neo-Nazi tattoos and told Coeur d'Alene police in 2004 that he was an 'independent skinhead' who didn't like minorities."

Abbey yelled that blacks didn't belong in Bayview. He followed Baker to a marina 300 yards away, where he threatened to stab him. That's when Baker knocked him unconscious with one punch.

Evidently, Abbey didn't read the writing on Baker's T-shirt, “Spokane Boxing Club champion.”

“If he had been able to read that maybe he wouldn't have done that,” Lt. Stu Miller said.

According to the Kootenai County Sheriff's Department, Abbey was booked on malicious harassment charges after being treated at a hospital for facial fractures.

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