Thursday, October 4, 2012


So Romney won the debate--not on facts, of course, which were misleading at best and mostly wrong, but on the telegenic qualities of seeming comfortable, aggressive, and filled with coached and drilled "zingers." Obama missed opportunities and some easy softball pitches: the 47%, say, or Bain Capital, or the Swiss bank accounts and tax-dodging. Dude doesn't just practice all day--he has a job, after all, and a tough one--but I wish he had come out swinging to knock out the bully. Is this part of some strategy? Or was Barack just flat on his feet, stunned by not having debated in four years? Are his thoughts TOO complex to reduce in that format? Has he lost conviction? Obama was a perfect gentleman, when I wanted a bare-knuckled counter-puncher. Expectations were such that anything less than outright victory for Obama would be seen as defeat, and Mittens didn't look half bad (if you hadn't followed any of the campaign for the past year, that is, and haven't read a thing and just tuned in last night with zero knowledge of anything, that is). Let Mittens have his bump.

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