Thursday, August 26, 2010


Robert McKee is the screenwriting guru, the undisputed king of screenplay workshops and the drill instructor at Hollywood basic training. He's written books (the highly influential "Story") and conducted expensive workshops all around the world extolling the virtues of his method--a deep analysis of film structure and application of craft to storytelling. McKee has a parade of successful followers extolling his virtues and throwing rose petals in his path. If movies are just a popcorn conveyance system for you, this may not be interesting, but if you've ever thought you could write a movie better than the one you just sat through you could do worse than listening to Coach McKee. He'll tolerate no fools. With a stern bearing, he'll run you through a rigorous obstacle course that includes serious study of successful films, and breaking down story structure like a cheap watch--so if you don't want movies "demystified" or are afraid to lose the magic that sweeps you away (i.e., the plot points that play you like a flute) than you might want to skip McKee. However, if you truly love movies and want to know more about the process of creating a moving story, than listen up. Don't be a rube on the midway. Learn some of the tricks. This is interesting stuff.

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