Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Here are two old geezers time has ravaged but not defeated. Something about Keith Richards and Willie Nelson playing together, two outlaws from different worlds, that ignites a feeling of hope. With any luck Willie will live forever, and Keith--he's harder to kill than Rasputin. If drugs, booze and falling out of a coconut tree and landing on his head couldn't do it, I doubt something as mundane as old age will kill this Stone. Anyway, these old-timers can sure play a sad song. They had it all, all right. I just hope they left a little for the rest of us. Now pass me that jug.

Keith and Willie

These guys obviously have a lot of fun--maybe too much fun--but the fun continues, and for the grand finale they're joined by a couple youngsters carrying on the tradition, rocker Ryan Adams (doing his best Keith impersonation) and Hank Williams' grandkid. Together, as the "lost highwaymen" (a nod to grandpa Hank), they sing an old Stones' song, Dead Flowers. Ragged company, indeed. Can you imagine the wrap party?

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