Wednesday, November 24, 2010


"Arctic Blast," that's what they're calling it on TV--I guess it's supposed to sound dangerous and thrilling but it sounds like something you buy at Dairy Queen. "I'll have an Arctic Blast and a Dilly Bar, Please." What it means is fiercely cold weather and snow and ice for the past three days. Everything is shut down, including UW (they rarely close) so work has been called off for the second day in a row. With a windchill factor bringing the temp down to five degrees or so, and with snow on top of sheet of ice, people don't realize how treacherous it is outside. We bundled up and hiked to the store yesterday and it was beautiful and the snow crunched. We've seen a few bent street signs and a few wrecks (including an eighteen-wheeler that was sheared in two) and this video will show you why. Make sure you watch the whole thing because a Metro bus comes sliding through near the end, and you don't want to miss it. Hope it clears up a little for Thanksgiving. In the meantime, we're having hot coffee and pancakes. Snow day!

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