Thursday, May 3, 2012


. We've been enjoying Jack White's first solo album, Blunderbuss, nearly as much as he obviously had making it. This incendiary set covers a broad range of howling heartaches and electrified blues. Jack plays a killer cover of an old Little Willie John tune, grinds out a Led Zep-style rave-up, dives into some viscous electric sludge and emerges with mandolins and fiddles for a sweet ballad. 

She's got stickers on her locker And the boy's number's there in magic marker I'm hungry and the hunger will linger I eat sixteen saltine crackers then I lick my fingers

 Someone said this is Jack's "Blood on the Tracks," and that might be so, since every song seems to be about love and loss and I'm assuming his recent divorce, but like the Dylan classic this only gives him the focus to write some of his best material yet. Rolling Stone gave this album four and a half stars out of five, and maybe it deserves five. As you can tell from these recent clips, he's in fine form. If you feel like rocking, you could do worse then put this on your platter during Attitude Adjustment Hour.

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