Tuesday, January 17, 2012


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Seattle is heading for the Snowpocalypse, if you believe the hype. The Washington Post says we're in for a "megastorm" and the Huffington Post says it may be the worst snow storm here in decades.

"Residents of the Pacific Northwest are bracing as Seattle weather will take a turn for the worse tonight," says the Huffington Post. "Forecasters are calling for what could be the harshest winter snowstorm in several decades. Weather.com reports a 'potential major winter storm' will hit both lower elevations and mountainous areas near the coast beginning Tuesday night, and will move east as far as Montana and the Northern Rockies. Most of the snow will fall on Wednesday, reports The Seattle Times. Accumulation between six and 14 inches is expected. This means that snowfall could break Seattle's single-day record of 14.9 inches set in 1969."

Oh, brother. We've got plenty of cocoa and miniature marshmallows and Wendy made some killer chicken pot pie so we'll probably have some hot chocolate (spike it for me!) and pie, and settle in at Downton Abbey for the night. In the meantime, here is Seattle's own Stan Boreson with a song for you intrepid winter souls eyeballing the snowy sky and shaking on your boots. This should calm you down.

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