Thursday, April 5, 2012


Silly Symphony presents "Funny Little Bunnies," a cartoon classic from 1934.

Easter is coming! Whether you celebrate the traditional Christian holy day of the Resurrection, or the pagan spring fertility festival that preceded it (with symbols of birth such as eggs, chicks, rabbits), or the non-secular chocolate-eating holiday, this is the weekend you've been waiting for. Just look at these two joyriding icons and don't tell me the disparate elements of Easter can't get along. Passover, too. Just don't tell Mother Superior or Rick Santorum, since they want to spoil all the fun, and besides, when it comes to killing our buzz Santorum and Mother Superior jumped the gun. Let it be.

As for popular culture, the 13th Floor Elevators, a prototype garage psych band from Texas, titled a record "Easter Everywhere." Patti Smith, punk laureate, titled an album "Easter." The list goes on. Why? We all crave rebirth. It's the American story. Fitzgerald said there are no second acts, but he was wrong.

I am the spring, the holy ground,
the endless seed of mystery,
the thorn, the veil, the face of grace,
the brazen image, the thief of sleep,
the ambassador of dreams, the prince of peace.
I am the sword, the wound, the stain.
Scorned transfigured child of Cain.
I rend, I end, I return.
Again I am the salt, the bitter laugh.
I am the gas in a womb of light, the evening star,
the ball of sight that leads that sheds the tears of Christ
dying and drying as I rise tonight.

--Patti Smith

Food plays a big part at Easter, and here's a recipe for Calabrian Easter bread:

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NadineisthatU said...

Loved the bunny cartoon. I recently wondered whatever happened to Heckle and Jeckle, and found a gem, at least to me. (I am new to computer and never had cable. Maybe you too will like it: Here is link