Tuesday, January 29, 2008


And you thought "alt-country" music was invented by Wilco, or maybe Uncle Tupelo? Ryan Adams? "No Depression" magazine?
Check out this early clip of the Band. These guys played "Americana" way back when everyone else was playing heavy electric psychedelic rock. After backing up Dylan on the 1966 tour, they retired to Woodstock to rediscover their roots in the basement at Big Pink. They must have found a time machine down there.


Tom Dougherty said...

I just watched "The Last Waltz" on TMC the other night. I hadn't seen it in- shit, DECADES- but I enjoyed it again nonetheless. It did age but it didn't get dated. It was part of my new Scorcese viewing commitment for 2008.

Bob Rini said...

The Last Waltz is a great film! If Scorsese had just done music films, he'd still have a great reputation, working on Woodstock,and directing Last Waltz, and the Dylan documentary, No Direction Home, and now I understand he's working on a film about the Rolling Stones.
He's always had such an ear for music in his films, and his soundtracks are great from Mean Streets up to the Departed. Go, Marty!

Anonymous said...

The Band, along with too many greats to even mention, played at the Dylan 30th Anniversary concert. If you haven't seen that, it is a must for any Dylan fans. I think its the best single concert I've ever seen.

Bob Rini said...

The 30th Anniversary is a great show. I first saw the Band play on their 1974 tour with Bob Dylan. Each bandmember was brilliant. I remember Rick Danko singing "Stage Fright" for all he was worth! Dylan wore a black suit and aviator shades and kicked off with a blazing version of "Most Likely You Go Your Way (and I'll Go Mine)." That's one for the time capsule!