Sunday, January 27, 2008


If you're like us, Sunday morning means sleeping in, making hot coffee, and listening to music. You've survived the week, and this is your reward. Here is some new music you might not have come across on the well-trod path. This is not your standard meat-and-potatoes hit parade, but a subjective list of things I've been enjoying lately. You are brave, try something new. Someone once said that "entertainment" gives you what you expect, and "art" gives you what you need. I guess that's probably true. I don't presume to know what you need, but for me, every once in a while -- on a Sunday morning, say -- I need a little music that's human, warm, non-commercial, non-plastic, and unexpected. Hope you enjoy these.

Brian Eno and Nitin Sawhney, "Prophesy"

Nina Simone, "Ain't Got No..."

Naked City -- with Bill Frisell, John Zorn, Fred Frith and Wayne Horvitz --playing Ennio Morricone's "Once Upon a Time in America."

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