Wednesday, January 9, 2008


The Prisoner was a secret agent show like no other. A secret agent (Patrick McGoohan) is abducted and imprisoned in a weird resort where the keepers are intent on breaking him, and he is equally intent on escaping.

"I am not a number," he repeatedly declares, "I am a free man!"

Like Josef K. in The Trial, the prisoner is kept in the dark and never learns the charges against him. The state has all power, and he must simply submit. In the 1960s, this theme resonated with a great many people who grappled with such issues, in one form or another, but it may seem a bit dated to conformists of today. After all, why not go along to get along? Equal parts Kafka and LSD-infused Pop style, this show is a long, strange, rewarding trip.

Be seeing you!

Patrick McGoohan is Number 6 in the Prisoner.

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