Tuesday, November 27, 2007


As Todd Haynes can attest, there are many Bob Dylans. Six different actors play the mercurial singer songwriter in his latest movie, "I'm Not There."

Fortunately, Sebastian Cabot is not one of them. The gentleman's gentleman, best known for his roll as Mr. French the butler on the TV sitcom "Family Affair," recorded an entire album of Dylan songs. Bad idea.

To hear his dramatic reading of "Like a Rolling Stone" (and to see why Dylan is sobbing on the album cover) please click button.


Tom Dougherty said...

That's my new ringtone. Every time the phone rings that song will play at top volume in its entirety. Good find! This is even better than Shatners. I love the elevator music noodling along in the background. Nice!

Tom Dougherty said...

here's that apostrophe I owe you for "Shatner's".


Bob Rini said...

Hi, Tom! Glad you appreciate the artistry of Sebastian Cabot. It is very weird how he recites the verses. I would love to slap these vocals on some modern beats background and prove once and for all Sebastian Cabot invented hip hop.