Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Spiderman will be spinning a worldwide web, if Marvel Entertainment gets it's way. Marvel unveils it's digital comics library, whereby any geek -- er, serious student of sequential art -- can access their special brand of neurotic superheroes online.

Digital Comics Unlimited (DCU) is available via a $4.99- or $9.99-per-month subscription, which lets users read 2,500 classic and recent comic books via their Web browsers. That's right, you can't download them, but you can read them.

According to Reuters, "The Digital Comics Unlimited site then will add 20 additional books a week, including a mix of new and vintage comics." That will include the first 100 issues of "Amazing Spider-Man" and "The Fantastic Four," as well as the initial 66-issue run of "Uncanny X-Men. " Throw in some Hulk, some Dr. Strange, and maybe even that first issue of "Silver Surfer" that my mom accidentally donated to Goodwill many years ago. 'Nuff said!

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