Friday, November 16, 2007


This is Steve. Steve is an eccentric. I've been in some weird houses, but Steve's has to be the weirdest. That's an understatement, like saying Humpty Dumpty has a large head. Steve calls himself a collector, but I call him obsessed. His Victorian house is a massive cabinet of curiosities crammed to the rafters with thousands of odd, downright creepy things. Skulls, for instance. And stuffed animals. Monsters, medical experiments, hair wreaths, antique caskets. The world's smallest mummy. Circus sideshow exhibits. Minotaurs. Surgical tools. Toasters. A painting on the head of a pin.

I toured his house with several artist friends. We'd been asked to produce artwork inspired by the collection. We squeezed through the crowded house with sketchbooks, jotting down impressions of the place like explorers on a strange planet. I was lucky enough to be invited into this weird world, but you can take a virtual tour at "VR Seattle" where there are some amazing 360 degree panoramic views to explore.

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